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    Frances Carr, PhD

    Associate Director, Shared Resources
    Professor, Pharmacology

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    Cancer Cell (CC)
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    Thyroid hormone receptors (TRß and TR?) are critical for regulation of growth, development, and metabolism throughout life. TRß is also a tumor suppressor. Research in the Carr Laboratory is focused on understanding how TRß regulates normal processes in development and counters the progression of tumors. The team is studying how TRß regulates gene expression (genome) and interacts with other nuclear proteins (epigenome) to inhibit the aggressive cancer cell progression particularly in thyroid and breast cancers. Despite remarkable advances in our understanding and management of breast, thyroid and other cancer types, therapies often fail, as patients develop drug resistance or exhibit recurrent disease that evades interventions. There is a critical need for development of more targeted therapies with few side effects. The research team has discovered that activation of TRß with synthetic mimetics reduces tumor progression and increases the effectiveness of current therapies. How TRß counteracts estrogen activated tumors through ERa is a current focus of the research program. The results of this research are advancing the foundational framework for subsequent translational studies and future clinical trials.

    Other Titles, Distinctions and Appointments
    Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering Member (Elected); AAAS Fellow (Elected)
    Polaris Award for Excellence in Mentorship; Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentorship Award
    Meritorious Honor Award-U.S. Agency for International Development
    National Research Service Award, National Institutes of Health