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    Marc Greenblatt, MD

    Professor, Medicine-Hematology Oncology
    Co-Director, UVM Cancer Center Familial Cancer Program

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    Dr. Greenblatt studies hereditary gastrointestinal cancers and genetic variation from the scientific perspective of how to decide whether specific genetic variants increase the risk for cancer or not and from the clinical perspective of how best to use genetic technologies in the clinic.

    The DNA of all humans contains a lot of genetic variation. Most genetic variation is harmless and does not affect our health. However, some genetic variants that we inherit can affect the function of the gene and increase our risk for cancer and other diseases. Figuring out whether a given genetic variant contributes to disease ("pathogenic") or not ("benign") has been a major challenge in genetic testing for cancer and other hereditary conditions. Proper classification requires using clinical, laboratory, statistical, and computer-based methods, and understanding how best to combine them. Dr. Greenblatt works with many collaborators to refine how to use these methods to decide whether a variant is pathogenic or benign.