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    Seth Frietze, PhD

    Program Co-Leader, Cancer Cell (CC), UVM Cancer Center
    Associate Professor, Biochemistry
    Associate Professor, Biomedical and Health Sciences

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    Academic Interests
    Dr. Frietze's basic cancer research program focuses on understanding the underlying gene regulatory mechanisms that drive cancer development and progression. Specifically, the Frietze Lab aims to study transcriptional regulatory networks of tumorigenesis and to identify cancer vulnerabilities. Their research is focused on breast cancer and we aim investigate bromodomain proteins as therapeutic targets in breast cancer and endocrine therapy resistance. By studying these regulatory factors, they hope to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms that drive breast cancer progression and develop new therapeutic strategies for treating this disease. Research from the Frietze Lab employs cutting-edge techniques and technologies to uncover new insights into cancer biology, and their findings have the potential to make a significant impact on the development of personalized cancer treatments in the future.

    Other Titles, Distinctions and Appointments
    Ron Pero Cancer Research Green and Gold Professor